Welcome to Canyon South #1 HOA


We are a 68-unit, low-density condominium complex in Palm Springs, Calif., with a diverse community of residents. We respect one another and celebrate the spectacular beauty of our desert home.

Your community manager at Personalized Property Management is Jennie Tidwell.

If you notice a maintenance issue please contact the Maintenance Department. Use this link to email work orders. The switchboard and office hours are 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. After-hours calls will be taken by an answering service that will contact the manager or a service repair company as appropriate. The 24-hour number is (760) 325-9500.

Homeowner Portal
Homeowners can request service, update their contact information, make architectural variance applications and perform other functions online using our management company’s homeowner portal. Set up recurring payments by auto-draft or pay by credit card through that PPM portal. Do you already have recurring payments set up through your online banking? You can cancel those and have PPM automatically withdraw the correct amount each month even if the fee changes August 1 at the beginning of a new fiscal year.