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Canyon South 1 owners and residents are invited to join the HOA email list to receive timely notifications about upcoming maintenance and other important community information.

Separately, the management company sends homeowners legally required mailings regarding elections, budgets and annual meetings. The HOA board encourages all homeowners to opt in to email for those legal mailings. The goal is to “go green” and save money spent on office supplies and postage.


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Data retention policy: The Canyon South 1 HOA board will retain this information to the extent necessary to comply with relevant laws and perform its obligation to share community news and information with homeowners and residents. Email addresses will be stored on a minimum number of personal computers of those involved in maintaining the HOA’s official mailing lists and on secure backup sites and physical media used for data backup. As necessary to perform these functions, data will be shared with partner companies including the email service provider MailChimp and the HOA’s community manager, Personal Property Management.