November 2016 treasurer’s report

Report from Rosanne Kumins

At this time, we have seen only two months of spending in the operating budget of the current fiscal year, and we are on target with the budget.  Thus, I am hopeful that our expenditures during the next 10 months will be in line with our full-year budget.

One of the larger annual expenditures in the operating budget is for earthquake insurance. Some good news this year is that this premium did not increase. However, on the opposite side of the ledger, we are hearing some public discussion about a sharp rise in the cost of water and other utilities, all of which may impact our budget, but it is too early to make any predictions.

Canyon South 1 HOA also has a budget for long term asset replacements called the reserve fund. Dollars are set aside each month for items such as asphalt, stucco, painting, pools and equipment, roof repair, and other related infrastructure items. Each month $7,624 or approximately 27% of your monthly homeowner maintenance fees are contributed to this reserve. The concept behind this reserve fund, is to make possible major improvements without special assessments. This year for example, the east pool and spa were completely resurfaced. Each year the Board of Directors conducts a review, with the assistance of a reserve specialist, to determine the adequacy of the fund. A summary of the study is then included with the annual packet of HOA materials distributed to homeowners every June.


November 2016 report on landscaping, pools and maintenance

Report from Carl Toland:

Desertscape and Pyracantha Hedges

The good news is that our desertscape plants have survived another very hot summer and most seem to be thriving as they are being properly irrigated. The bad news is that some pyracantha hedges on Caliente have died due to inadequate irrigation. Our landscaper will be augmenting the irrigation systems that serve these hedges and will plant new plants in November to replace the dead ones that have been removed.

Fire Ant Infestations

Fire ant infestations have been treated by the landscapers in between vector control applications, the last of which was virtually ineffective. Ant poisons in granular, powder and liquid form have been used but a new powerful insecticide is currently being sprayed and injected into the nests.  This treatment kills thousands of ants and appears to kill the winged ants … hopefully the queens also. The granular poison was a good control, but nests just moved a few feet away or came back in a week or so.

Pool Heating Schedule

2016-pool-heating-scheduleBeginning in October the Center Pool was heated for the first two months. December and January will see the East and West pool heated, then back to the Center pool for February and March, finishing with the East and West pool for April and May if needed.

Spas at all pools will continue to be heated year-round.

Scalping and Reseeding

Desert Water Agency reduced its water savings guidelines from 35% in 2015 to 10-to-13% in 2016. Canyon South 1 continued with the Monday-Wednesday-Friday nighttime watering schedule this year and thus the water savings continued from last year. However, when it became apparent that most complexes would over-seed this fall and that Desert Water Agency was going to permit daytime watering for this purpose, your Board voted to scalp and over-seed along with the rest. After the new lawn is established, normal nighttime irrigation on M-W-F will resume.

Annuals and Tree Pruning

nov2016-flowersLandscape staff is busy planting geraniums and lobelia in the beds near our pools and in one or two other areas.  Our valuable Bougainvillea shrubs blend with and form a backdrop for the annuals.  We have not “poodled” our Olive trees for two seasons so they could sprout some trunk-shading branches that will help prevent sunburn of the bark in the future.  This photo illustrates the kind of pruning that we will do with our Olive trees.  The citrus trees will be pruned in November and a contractor will prune the large pine trees and other trees that must be professionally climbed for that purpose.

Architectural Variance Reviews

Owners have been very good in submitting helpful, detailed architectural review requests for the Board’s consideration. These have covered landscape upgrades, patio surface work & installation of windows and air conditioners. Download these forms here.

Pool and Spa Re-plastering

East Spa ready for new plaster, drains and tile.
East Spa ready for new plaster, drains and tile.

Rammell Construction was again awarded the bid to re-plaster the East Pool and Spa. They drained the pool and spa on September 28th, began demolishing the plaster and tile the next day and finished the plaster and tile on October 13, 2016. There was no delay in construction this year while waiting for the Health Department inspection. New drains were installed to help us further comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker safety codes.  Auto-fill devices were installed

East Pool with plaster and tile removed, without handrail
East Pool with plaster and tile removed, without handrail

on pool and spa and a ‘to-code’ handrail was added at the pool.  Other handrails of this kind may need to be installed if code enforcement becomes very strict at our pools and spas.

East Spa ready to fill with water
East Spa ready to fill with water






East Pool with new plaster, tile and handrail
East Pool with new plaster, tile and handrail

November 2016 HOA news

The November 2016 newsletter is in the mail to residents, but here is a news preview for our website visitors:

A sad note to report. Connie Buckley, our property manager at PPM passed away after a brief illness. We will miss her cheerful help and assistance. Our condolences go out to her family and friends.

PPM has assigned David Schuknecht as our new property manager, so the contact forms on this website now connect to him.

The communications committee has collected email addresses for almost all owners and will send a group email later this year to test the accuracy of the list so it can be used for notifications. Meanwhile you can update yours with us anytime by clicking here. Please direct any questions to Roseanne Kumins, the HOA treasurer.

Our long time postman, Jerry, will be retiring December 1st. If you wish to say thanks and wish him well, there are only a few days left to make contact.

Neighborhood security is again called to our attention. A bicycle was stolen, in the middle of the day, from a Canyon South 1 garage.

The central pool spa heater stopped working after many years of service, and is being replaced. The east and west spas are heated.

Building Improvements

The annual roof/gutter cleaning will be done in late November. When the exact dates are scheduled with our contractor, Castro Roofing, the dates will be posted here and at mailboxes. Also, ongoing work will be done on stucco, painting touch up, fascia and trim improvements, and failing window trims and sills. Work on these projects will be organized in quadrants and will progress over the winter months. When work is scheduled at, or near your address, notices will be posted. All of this work is to the exterior of the buildings, so no entry to the house is necessary.