Monthly payment updates on Aug. 1

The HOA board did its initial budget planning in May for the 2024-25 fiscal year that begins Aug. 1, and will decide at its July 24 meeting on the monthly maintenance dues. They are expected to go up 2 percent, a modest increase thanks to successful efforts to save thousands of dollars on natural gas and water. We are paying more for many other recurring expenses, and although our reserves are earning more interest lately through investment in a certificate of deposit (CD), we need to put more into reserves each month to cover inflation affecting future capital expenditures such as painting, roofing, and paving.

A planned cost saving is to make this the last year we mail out coupon books for the monthly payments. Most homeowners have stopped using the coupons because it is more convenient and less expensive to pay by online banking or auto-draft using the Personalized Property Management homeowner portal. Setting up an auto-draft guarantees that the correct amount will be withdrawn or charged on August 1 even if the homeowner is away or forgets about the update. The portal has how-to videos, but if you need further assistance with setting up electronic payments, contact PPM or a board member.

Using the portal also allows homeowners to request service, update their contact information, and make architectural variance applications. HOA rules & regulations require a written request for approval before a homeowner makes improvements or changes to the building walls, doors, windows, patios, gates, lighting, landscaping, planted trees and shrubs, and more. There are very specific rules for some installations such as satellite dishes and solar panels.

Asphalt maintenance scheduled for Nov. 27-28

Weather permitting, all the drive lanes and parking areas are scheduled to be slurry sealed beginning at 7 a.m. Monday, Nov. 27, after Thanksgiving weekend. The asphalt maintenance will be done over two days, as shown in the blue and red section of the diagram below.
No vehicles will be allowed to drive or park on each section’s asphalt from 7 a.m. on the day the slurry sealing begins until 7 a.m. the next morning. Residents must either keep their cars in their garages the whole time or park on the street. Please be sure to move your vehicles the evening before work begins and the driveways are blocked. Please notify any guests, contractors, and service or delivery people who may be impacted so alternative arrangements may be made to avoid any problems. Please do not drive or walk in barricaded areas. Sprinkler systems adjacent to work areas must be turned off the day before the work begins.
Once the surface material is dry to the touch it’s fine to walk on it, but to minimize surface scuffing from car and truck tires, make wide, gentle turns and do not turn tires in a stopped position. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.
The slurry coat is routine maintenance last done in 2018. We had the contractor fill cracks in May as a stopgap measure until the pavement could be redone in cooler weather.

Pet rules updated

The HOA Board of Directors proposed in August 2023 to amend the Pet Rules in response to complaints about pet waste, damage to the landscape, and dogs off leashes. After receiving homeowner comments before and during the Board’s Sept. 19 meeting, the Board revised its proposal and reopened commenting. The Board approved this policy on Nov. 9, 2023:

The Association realizes that many residents have pets. Rules are necessary to ensure that pets maintained on the property do not impose a nuisance or burden on other residents and guests. Unit owners may keep no more than two small domestic animals in their unit. The term “small domestic animal” is defined as a dog, a cat, hamster, gerbil, and bird of a type that is normally kept in a home. Unit owners may not keep any other animals in their units without the prior written authorization of the Board. Each owner shall be liable to each and every other owner, their families, tenants, and guests for damages or injuries caused by any animals brought into or kept in the community by an owner, by members of the owner’s family, or by the owner’s guests, tenants or invitees.

Dogs may be walked within the community provided the dog is securely restrained by a substantial leash not exceeding six feet in length and is in charge and control of a person competent to keep such dog under effective control (per Palm Springs Municipal Code Chapter 10.28, Section 010 “Dogs running at large.”) Pet owners will be responsible for any damage done to the property for failure to follow the rules. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to clean up after their pet to keep our community well maintained and beautiful. To keep pet waste off our grass, owners are encouraged to use the desertscapes near the streets and the back west end of property as “rest areas.”

Important reminders for homeowners

New air conditioners: Notify in writing/email within 14 calendar days the Association’s management company, Personalized Property Management, provide a copy of the city building permit, and coordinate with management to have our roofing contractor involved.

External wiring and equipment related to cable and satellite TV require submitting an architectural variance request to obtain Board approval.

Units may be leased for 28 or more consecutive days after submitting a lease in writing to PPM. The unit owner shall deliver a copy of each signed lease at least seven days prior to the lessee taking possession of the unit, together with the makes, models and license numbers of the lessee’s vehicles.

Homeowners are responsible for trimming trees and plants within their patios to keep flammable overgrowth and rodents away from our roofs. If you prefer to pay someone to do this work, contact our landscaping contractor, Ismael Ramirez, or the landscaper of your choice.

Please read the full rules here.

Board adopts policy on solar installations

Because the HOA is responsible for the maintenance of our roofs, the Board decided we need rules and procedures specifically addressing any proposed installations of solar energy systems. The proposed Solar Rules drafted with the help of legal counsel were adopted Sept. 19, 2023 after the required 28-day homeowner comment period. We anticipate that we will have to clarify some of the terms and conditions and possibly make some changes to the policy over time if homeowners encounter issues when submitting applications to our Architectural Control Committee.

2023-24 Pool Heating Schedule

West PoolCenter PoolEast Pool
Oct. 15 to Jan. 31
Feb. 1 to April 15Feb. 1 to April 15
Pool heating schedules are subject to change, based on unforeseen circumstances such as needed repairs or maintenance.

Beginning in October the center pool will be heated to 84 degrees. Starting Feb. 1, the east and west pools will be heated. As utility prices have risen sharply, the board decided in 2021 to begin heating each pool once rather than twice per season. Spas at all pools will continue to be heated year-round to 102 degrees.

A look back at 2022

We hope you all had a great holiday season, and a big thank you to the 45 homeowners who “braved” our Palm Springs winter chill to attend the annual meeting at Demuth Community Center on Jan. 28, 2023. A new law allows HOAs to save money on elections when uncontested. The election notice goes out earlier, and if the number of candidates is no more than the number of vacancies, they can be elected by acclamation, which happened with our three open board positions. Here’s the new board.

We have a new community manager at Personalized Property Management, Jennie Tidwell. David Schuknecht has taken on new responsibilities at PPM but remains available to advise Jennie. We wish to thank him and outgoing board members Steve Suttles and Steven Wolfe for their service. Suttles delivered his president’s report summarizing the work done the past year and extolling the “beauty of the property, general friendliness and kindness of neighbors.”

2022-23 Roof Work Schedule

The Board of Directors approved the reroofing of all the tile roofs in the community. The first phase of the project began in October 2022. We ask all owners to please be patient during this time and courteous with the contractors. Roofing can be a loud and dirty process so we appreciate everyone’s cooperation. If you have patio furniture out it is recommended to move it inside to prevent it from becoming overly dirty or damaged.

UPDATE: The roofers sent the Association this schedule update on Aug. 2, 2023, and told us that the delays from previously announced schedules were due to the city’s transition to an online-only permitting system, rainy weather earlier, and heat recently.

Building Start             Complete

2069 & 2071 Caliente                                  In Progress

2073, 2075, 2077, 2079 Caliente              7/31/23         8/11/23

2081, 2083, 2085, 2087 Caliente              8/7/23           8/18/23

2089, 2091, 2093, 2095 Caliente              8/14/23         8/25/23

2097 & 2099 Caliente                                 8/21/23          9/1/23

2022-23 Pool Heating Schedule

Original post: The east and west pools will be heated in October and November, the center pool in December and January, and all three pools in February through April.

UPDATE: 2/7/23: The center pool was heated for December-January a little late because of the need to complete a gas line repair, and we have left it heated for the first few weeks of February.

The HOA board had decided in August 2022, based on input from homeowners, to heat all three pools in February through April, although possibly not all to the same temperature. With the sharp rise in natural gas prices and the recent cold, the current board decided to revisit the new plan at its Feb. 21, 2023 meeting after it reviews the January gas bill. The initial heating of a pool is a major expense.

UPDATE: 2/21/23: After reviewing how far over budget the Association has been this winter on gas and electric bills, the Board voted to leave the heat on for the already-heated center pool and not heat the east and west pools this season.

All three spas should be at the proper temperature now, after repairs were made.

Organic waste collection is changing

Changes have come to our trash, recycling, and food and yard waste collection service. The City Council passed an ordinance that requires Palm Springs Disposal Services to give organic waste collection carts to all residents to comply with a state law, SB1383. The purpose is to reduce landfill waste by promoting composting.

Two representatives of PSDS attended our August HOA board meeting to explain the changes and answer questions. They said all residents automatically will receive a 65-gallon medium-sized green cart in September, and they should begin using it for food waste starting Oct. 3, 2022. (The family-sized default trash carts are 96 gallons.) Green carts already are used around the city for yard waste, including palm fronds, leaves, weeds, twigs and small branches. The food waste can be placed in single use, multi-use or compostable bags. Paper bags are OK but clear liners are best.

All food scraps, except for raw meat or poultry, should go into the green carts starting in October. Food-soiled paper, such as pizza boxes, go into the regular trash carts (the brown bins that are gradually being replaced with gray carts) for now but can start going into the organic carts on Oct. 3.

Although our waste disposal has centralized billing through the HOA, individuals can call PSDS directly with questions or concerns. The company and the HOA board are aware that some of you don’t need a  65-gallon cart for green waste, and don’t want to make space for it. In that case, you should call PSDS at (760) 327-1351 and request a 35-gallon cart. There was a shortage of these carts because of higher than expected demand, and they are on back-order until February or March 2023.