Important reminders for homeowners

New air conditioners: Notify in writing/email within 14 calendar days the Association’s management company, Personalized Property Management, provide a copy of the city building permit, and coordinate with management to have our roofing contractor involved.

External wiring and equipment related to cable and satellite TV require submitting an architectural variance request to obtain Board approval.

Units may be leased for 28 or more consecutive days after submitting a lease in writing to PPM. The unit owner shall deliver a copy of each signed lease at least seven days prior to the lessee taking possession of the unit, together with the makes, models and license numbers of the lessee’s vehicles.

Homeowners are responsible for trimming trees and plants within their patios to keep flammable overgrowth and rodents away from our roofs. If you prefer to pay someone to do this work, contact our landscaping contractor, Ismael Ramirez, or the landscaper of your choice.

Please read the full rules here.

Board adopts policy on solar installations

Because the HOA is responsible for the maintenance of our roofs, the Board decided we need rules and procedures specifically addressing any proposed installations of solar energy systems. The proposed Solar Rules drafted with the help of legal counsel were adopted Sept. 19, 2023 after the required 28-day homeowner comment period. We anticipate that we will have to clarify some of the terms and conditions and possibly make some changes to the policy over time if homeowners encounter issues when submitting applications to our Architectural Control Committee.

2023-24 Pool Heating Schedule

West PoolCenter PoolEast Pool
Oct. 15 to Jan. 31
Feb. 1 to April 15Feb. 1 to April 15
Pool heating schedules are subject to change, based on unforeseen circumstances such as needed repairs or maintenance.

Beginning in October the center pool will be heated to 84 degrees. Starting Feb. 1, the east and west pools will be heated. As utility prices have risen sharply, the board decided in 2021 to begin heating each pool once rather than twice per season. Spas at all pools will continue to be heated year-round to 102 degrees.