Pet rules updated

The HOA Board of Directors proposed in August 2023 to amend the Pet Rules in response to complaints about pet waste, damage to the landscape, and dogs off leashes. After receiving homeowner comments before and during the Board’s Sept. 19 meeting, the Board revised its proposal and reopened commenting. The Board approved this policy on Nov. 9, 2023:

The Association realizes that many residents have pets. Rules are necessary to ensure that pets maintained on the property do not impose a nuisance or burden on other residents and guests. Unit owners may keep no more than two small domestic animals in their unit. The term “small domestic animal” is defined as a dog, a cat, hamster, gerbil, and bird of a type that is normally kept in a home. Unit owners may not keep any other animals in their units without the prior written authorization of the Board. Each owner shall be liable to each and every other owner, their families, tenants, and guests for damages or injuries caused by any animals brought into or kept in the community by an owner, by members of the owner’s family, or by the owner’s guests, tenants or invitees.

Dogs may be walked within the community provided the dog is securely restrained by a substantial leash not exceeding six feet in length and is in charge and control of a person competent to keep such dog under effective control (per Palm Springs Municipal Code Chapter 10.28, Section 010 “Dogs running at large.”) Pet owners will be responsible for any damage done to the property for failure to follow the rules. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to clean up after their pet to keep our community well maintained and beautiful. To keep pet waste off our grass, owners are encouraged to use the desertscapes near the streets and the back west end of property as “rest areas.”