Painting scheduled for 2020

The Board has been working on plans to re-paint the complex for several months.  After receiving and reviewing several bids, the Board has selected Flanders Painting for the project.  The project is scheduled to begin on January 6, 2020 and will take approximately 9 weeks (weather permitting) to complete.  If the schedule changes for any reason, a revised schedule will be circulated.  Flanders will be painting the exterior of the entire complex including back and front patios, exterior walls, exterior doors, garage doors and all gates and iron railings.  The colors for the complex will remain unchanged.  

When will my unit be painted?
The project is planned to begin in the Caliente cul-de-sac and move systematically around the complex completing two (2) buildings per week.  The painting schedule by unit number is below.  Once you have identified your unit number, the two dates that are important to you are (1) the date to be ready for painting and (2) the date that doors will be painted. 

WeekWhen do I need to be ready?Units to be PaintedDoors Painting
Jan 6 – 10Sunday Jan 5Caliente 2073 thru 2087Friday Jan 10
Jan 13 – 17Sunday Jan 12Caliente 2069 thru 2099Friday Jan 17
Jan 20 – 24Sunday Jan 19Caliente 2015 thru 2065Friday Jan 24
Jan 27 – 31Sunday Jan 26La Verne 1203 thru 1267Friday Jan 31
Feb 3 – 7Sunday Feb 2La Verne 1159 thru 1193Friday Feb 7
Feb 10 – 14Sunday Feb 9La Verne 1143 thru 1157Friday Feb 14
Feb 17 – 21Sunday Feb 16La Verne 1121 thru 1141Friday Feb 21
Feb 24 – 28Sunday Feb 23La Verne 1075 thru 1141Friday Feb 28
Mar 2 – 6Sunday Mar 1La Verne 1011 thru 1067Friday Mar 6

So what must be ready before my unit gets painted?

  1. Please remove all items not too heavy to lift from the front and back patios and items attached to the walls such as thermostats, bird feeders etc.  Do not place items in the middle of the patio, since Flanders will need to cover the decking and needs more room to work.  Flanders will move the patio furniture and heavy items off the patios on to the lawn until painting is completed then return back to the patio.  Remove anything that you do not want to get wet from the sprinklers.

Flanders Painting and Canyon South I are not responsible for any items not removed by the homeowner or tenant 

  • Please remove wire etc. from the iron fencing on the back patio or it will not be painted
  • Trim back any shrubs, plants or vegetation on the interior of your patio sufficiently for Flanders to access the stucco.
  • Doors will be painted on Fridays only and security doors must be unlocked.  So please have your doors open by 8am.  The doors will need to remain open about 3-4 hours to dry.  All unopened doors will be painted in the closed position.

What if I cannot be around on Friday to open my doors?
It would be great if you were but don’t panic.  Flanders can be flexible if you notify them that you won’t be around and can arrange for another Friday that you will be there to open the doors.  Also, Flanders has agreed to come back after the completion of the project on a designated Saturday to address unpainted doors and other issues.  The date has not been determined but will be circulated once agreed.

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding painting, preparation, scheduling or other issues?
Flanders is the primary point of contact and has a person designated to answer questions and communicate with supervisors on the project and at the complex.


I have lots of stucco that needs to be repaired
Many homeowners have noticed stucco which has deteriorated over the years and needs to be re-done.  This will also be addressed by Flanders.  As each building is power washed, these areas where stucco is flaking will be identified and filled with new stucco.  Also, the stucco which is just under the sill of sliders will be inspected and repaired as necessary.  So there is no work necessary by homeowners to identify problems at your unit.

There is some woodwork on my unit that may need to be replaced
In addition to painting, Flanders will inspect all building woodwork throughout the complex as they prepare each building for painting.  Wood will be filled, cleaned and sanded as necessary as part of this process.  All wood that is identified as needing to be replaced will be marked with a spray painted “X” and a separate contractor (F & F) will replace the wood which will then be painted.  We are anticipating wood replacement to be done twice over the course of this project so if you see an “X” it may take many weeks before it is addressed so be patient.

What about landscaping against my unit walls and stucco?
In preparation for the painting project Ismael will begin trimming, as necessary, all trees, hedges, cactus and shrubs to allow Flanders access to paint all stucco and walls.  This means that trees will need to be at least 5 inches from all units, shrubs/hedges/cactus will need some clearance from stucco and walls as well.  In some cases Flanders will be able to put a tarp or piece of wood between the surface that needs to be painted and the shrub/hedge so they will be trimmed on a case by case basis with the advice of Flanders.

Our goal is to paint ALL stucco around the complex.  In some cases we expect that we may not be able to paint behind hedges on front walls due to the heavy growth of the hedges.  Please understand in advance that some trimming may look severe but is necessary for a successful project and will grow back.

Pool heating schedule for 2019-20

The center pool is heated to 84 degrees for two months beginning in October. December and January will see the east and west pools heated, then back to the center pool for February and March, finishing with the east and west pools for April and May as needed. Spas at all pools will continue to be heated year-round to 102 degrees. But one or more spas will be closed for short periods for water-line tile cleaning. Pools that are not being heated will also be cleaned in turn this winter.

New neighborhood organization forming

The Palm Springs Office of Neighborhoods announced recently that the area extending from our community south and east to Toledo Avenue and the Canyon Estates HOA is proposed to become the 48th Organized Neighborhood of ONE-PS. Organized neighborhoods don’t just get their names (like Twin Palms and Indian Canyons) on street-corner blade signs, but also get dedicated police officers they can meet with to discuss safety concerns.

Voting on the formal request to form the neighborhood and what to name it will take place at the inaugural General Membership Meeting. All Canyon South 1 homeowners and residents are invited to attend and are eligible to vote and be elected to the organization’s Board of Directors.

Save the date: Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 
Palm Springs Fire Training Facility, 3000 E. Alejo Road

You can find the organization’s proposed bylaws, its boundaries and a survey on possible names at To submit any Board nominations, naming suggestions, or proposed Bylaw changes, or ask questions about the organization, simply email

While our HOA is within the neighborhood organization boundaries, we will operate independently. So, to get updates from the new organization and find out what will be voted on Oct. 26, please join its mailing list here

What to do about parking violations

Residents attending the May 20 board meeting asked about what happens when someone calls the towing company phone number on the various signs on our property. The towing company will respond only when the call comes from an authorized board member or the community manager, David Schuknecht of Personalized Property Management (760-325-9500).

Maintenance and landscaping update

Repairs: The board at its May 20 meeting approved a proposal from F and F Construction for wood repairs around the complex. Thank you to the residents who responded to our recent emails asking for information about needed repairs. The landscape contractor has reinstalled the sign at the west end of the complex that was knocked down by an out-of-control vehicle.

Landscaping: Residents may notice some brown spots in the grass as result of using chemicals to kill weeds and ants. But Bermuda grass is growing in, and hedges and other vegetation are recovering from spring pruning. Soaker tubing in the desert landscaping has been splitting in the summer heat, and has been cut out and replaced in some areas. The agaves have been systematically treated for worms. 

Annual Poolside Bingo!

Saturday, April 13, 3:30-5 p.m.

Join us for the social highlight of the year! Meet your neighbors, including your HOA board of directors. Bring your favorite appetizer to share with one another. Each year brings out super-delicious new items and old favorites. And the bingo, $1 a card, so bring lots of singles. Five games will be played.

BYOB, no glass allowed at pool. Bar area provided outside the pool area. Ice, soft drinks and water provided.

For more information or any questions, please call Brian.

Officers elected after annual meeting

Newly elected president Michael Pagliaro (standing) speaks at the annual meeting. Others left to right: community manager David Schuknecht, Carl Toland, outgoing president Chuck Mendenhall, Rosanne Kumins and Jeff Welsh.

At the HOA’s annual meeting on March 2, board election results were announced with the three candidates winning the three open seats. Minutes of the prior year’s annual meeting were approved, as was the annual IRS resolution. Homeowners can find the minutes on our website’s password-protected HOA Information page and view the official notice to see the vote tallies. The new board held an organizational meeting with these results:

Michael Pagliaro                    President

Carl Toland                            Vice-President

Gary Manchester                   Treasurer

Linda Seymour                      Secretary

Jeff Welsh                               Director

Annual meeting scheduled for March 2

Homeowners are invited to attend the HOA’s annual meeting on Saturday, March 2 at 10 a.m. at Demuth Park community center, 3601 E. Mesquite Ave. Note the location has changed from prior years.

Homeowners should check their mail for an envelope containing official voting instructions and a ballot for electing directors. While we have three candidates for three positions, please mail in your ballot whether or not you plan to attend the meeting. Your vote helps meet the required meeting quorum. If a quorum is not achieved, it will be necessary to call a second meeting at additional expense to the Association.

The current board secretary, Michael Pagliaro, is running for a second term on the board. Gary Manchester and Linda Seymour are seeking their first terms. Nominations have closed. The current president, Chuck Mendenhall, and treasurer, Rosanne Kumins, are leaving the board as of the end of the meeting on March 2. Directors Carl Toland and Jeff Welsh remain on the board for another year.

At the meeting, the HOA’s director of elections will tabulate, certify and announce the election results. The current board will report on the HOA’s budget and financial forecast, recap  last year’s events, and look ahead at major programs scheduled for the coming year. The new directors will hold an organizational meeting, electing officers.

Any homeowners who did not receive a ballot or need to replace a spoiled ballot should call our community manager, David Schuknecht at Personalized Property Management, 760-325-9500.

News from January 2019 newsletter

Be vigilant to help prevent crime

Our community recently had an auto theft and a break-in, both reported to police. Our pool contractor left his pickup unlocked just briefly and returned to find the truck gone. It was recovered but he lost the cash in his wallet. Someone broke a glass slider to enter a condo on Caliente Drive while residents were at dinner, but they apparently returned in time to scare the thief or thieves away. Coincidentally, an electrical problem kept some exterior lights off in the same area that weekend.

Here’s a checklist for securing your home and your vehicles. We have seen garage doors left open overnight. Some garages get hot in the summer, but homeowners can install vents and fans after getting HOA board approval with this form.

Painting and touch-up

The HOA long-term plan for spending reserve funds on maintenance should result in a major repainting of exterior walls and other surfaces within the next couple of years. But if homeowners want to touch up their stucco or trim in the meantime, our landscaping contractor, Ismael, has spare cans of each of the four standard paints and textures we use.

For touching up the metalwork, check any local hardware store for a spray can of Krylon ivory satin finish.

Water pressure too high?

The water pressure coming into our HOA is very high, which is good for irrigation and firefighting, but homeowners often choose to reduce the pressure to guard against water line breaks and costly plumbing problems. Most plumbers can add a pressure reducing valve to your water line (see photo above right).

Coyotes in mating season

Coyotes have been seen in our cul de sacs, and another community on La Verne Way lost a pet to a coyote attack. The males are extra aggressive during mating season, which peaks in late February and early March.

Asphalt maintenance scheduled for Oct. 9-10

Weather permitting, all the drive lanes and parking areas are scheduled to be slurry sealed beginning at 7 a.m. Monday, October 8, 2018. We will coat all of the Canyon South 1 parking areas and drive lanes in two days and they will reopen on Wednesday, October 10.

Please move your vehicles the evening before work begins and the driveways are blocked. Please notify any guests, contractors, and service or delivery people who may be impacted so alternative arrangements may be made to avoid any problems. Please do not drive or walk in barricaded areas. Sprinkler systems adjacent to work areas must be turned off the day before the work begins.

Walking is permissible when the surface material is dry to the touch. The surface will stay tender in hot weather. To minimize surface scuffing from car and truck tires, make wide, gentle turns and do not turn tires in a stopped position. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Canyon South Closure Diagram

Seal Coat Letter from contractor