Monthly payment updates on Aug. 1

The HOA board did its initial budget planning in May for the 2024-25 fiscal year that begins Aug. 1, and will decide at its July 24 meeting on the monthly maintenance dues. They are expected to go up 2 percent, a modest increase thanks to successful efforts to save thousands of dollars on natural gas and water. We are paying more for many other recurring expenses, and although our reserves are earning more interest lately through investment in a certificate of deposit (CD), we need to put more into reserves each month to cover inflation affecting future capital expenditures such as painting, roofing, and paving.

A planned cost saving is to make this the last year we mail out coupon books for the monthly payments. Most homeowners have stopped using the coupons because it is more convenient and less expensive to pay by online banking or auto-draft using the Personalized Property Management homeowner portal. Setting up an auto-draft guarantees that the correct amount will be withdrawn or charged on August 1 even if the homeowner is away or forgets about the update. The portal has how-to videos, but if you need further assistance with setting up electronic payments, contact PPM or a board member.

Using the portal also allows homeowners to request service, update their contact information, and make architectural variance applications. HOA rules & regulations require a written request for approval before a homeowner makes improvements or changes to the building walls, doors, windows, patios, gates, lighting, landscaping, planted trees and shrubs, and more. There are very specific rules for some installations such as satellite dishes and solar panels.