November 2016 HOA news

The November 2016 newsletter is in the mail to residents, but here is a news preview for our website visitors:

A sad note to report. Connie Buckley, our property manager at PPM passed away after a brief illness. We will miss her cheerful help and assistance. Our condolences go out to her family and friends.

PPM has assigned David Schuknecht as our new property manager, so the contact forms on this website now connect to him.

The communications committee has collected email addresses for almost all owners and will send a group email later this year to test the accuracy of the list so it can be used for notifications. Meanwhile you can update yours with us anytime by clicking here. Please direct any questions to Roseanne Kumins, the HOA treasurer.

Our long time postman, Jerry, will be retiring December 1st. If you wish to say thanks and wish him well, there are only a few days left to make contact.

Neighborhood security is again called to our attention. A bicycle was stolen, in the middle of the day, from a Canyon South 1 garage.

The central pool spa heater stopped working after many years of service, and is being replaced. The east and west spas are heated.

Building Improvements

The annual roof/gutter cleaning will be done in late November. When the exact dates are scheduled with our contractor, Castro Roofing, the dates will be posted here and at mailboxes. Also, ongoing work will be done on stucco, painting touch up, fascia and trim improvements, and failing window trims and sills. Work on these projects will be organized in quadrants and will progress over the winter months. When work is scheduled at, or near your address, notices will be posted. All of this work is to the exterior of the buildings, so no entry to the house is necessary.

Updating our electronic communications

The Board established a Communications Working Group this spring composed of Rosanne Kumins, Bob Ericksen, Howard Goldberg, Roy Landon, Michael Pagliaro and Dennis Turrone.

We have two main issues: setting up a more user-friendly website and getting information to our members via email. 

As you can see, the new website is up and running, and will contain HOA rules and regulations, our current and future budget, newsletters, minutes and more to come. We were lucky to have Howard Goldberg, who works with digital content, take on the project.

We currently have email addresses for 50 members of our community. However, we aren’t certain which are current and which are owners and renters. We would like to be able to reach all homeowners by email so we can get current information out in a timely manner; for instance news of break-ins can be communicated as well as notices of Board meetings, gardening issues, pool issues, etc.

We would appreciate if you would send your email address to treasurer Rosanne Kumins and community manager David Schuknecht by using the contact form on this website. Obviously this will be used only for Canyon South #1 communications and will not be shared with anyone else.

Formal communications will continue to be by mail from PPM, but other information can be by email. It is hoped that there will be a savings on postage as well.

If you have comments or questions, please let Rosanne or any other member of the group know.

— Rosanne Kumins