Painting project update

The painting of Canyon South 1 will begin in two weeks on January 6 and lots has happened already in anticipation of the start date.

  • Ismael and crew have been busy trimming back shrubs/plantings and removing shrubs/plants/cactus where necessary so the painters have access to not only paint the stucco but to repair any damaged stucco.
  • Stucco integrity is one of the most important aspects of this project and it is our plan to insure that all stucco is repaired and painted.  In addition we have expanded the project to include moving sprinklers away from stucco, where necessary, to help eliminate future water damage.
  • Work to-date has been focused on the units to be painted in the first two weeks of the schedule (see below) and will continue around the complex.  We are currently about finished with the long Caliente cul-de-sac and Ismael and crew will begin working on week three units trimming shortly.

NOTICE:  If your unit is highlighted below, it is time to begin thinking about preparing for your unit to be painted! 

WeekWhen do I need to be ready?Units to be PaintedDoor Painting
Jan 6 – 10Sunday Jan 5Caliente 2073 thru 2087Friday Jan 10
Jan 13 – 17Sunday Jan 12Caliente 2069 thru 2099Friday Jan 17
Jan 20 – 24Sunday Jan 19Caliente 2015 thru 2065Friday Jan 24
Jan 27 – 31Sunday Jan 26La Verne 1203 thru 1267Friday Jan 31
Feb 3 – 7Sunday Feb 2La Verne 1159 thru 1193Friday Feb 7
Feb 10 – 14Sunday Feb 9La Verne 1143 thru 1157Friday Feb 14
Feb 17 – 21Sunday Feb 16La Verne 1121 thru 1141Friday Feb 21
Feb 24 – 28Sunday Feb 23La Verne 1075 thru 1117Friday Feb 28
Mar 2 – 6Sunday Mar 1La Verne 1011 thru 1067Friday Mar 6

Happy holidays to all, and please be sure the review the previous post for more details of the project.