Outreach committee wants help and suggestions

Board President Carl Toland has asked us to look at ways to better welcome new owners and residents to the community and to reach out to them (and everyone!) with information to improve our living experience at Canyon South 1. I’ve been a part-time resident here for 18 years and will be working on this with board member Katie Ullman, webmaster Howard Goldberg and YOU!
Phase 1 of our effort will develop a Frequently Asked Questions resource for the new owners’ welcome packet and the website. The second phase will be to reach out by phone or email to offer new owners a personal welcome and information about settling into the community. We all know our many rules can seem intimidating, and we’d like to eliminate the unpleasant experience of a new owner unknowingly violating a regulation.
We are collecting ideas for the information you’d like to see us include in our FAQs. Email suggestions to questions@canyonsouth1.com or use this web form. All responses will go to me directly. We’d love to have additional committee members. You can use the same email address or web form to volunteer.  
  Thank You! 
  Bob Ericksen (1161 S. La Verne Way)