Highlights of the 2016 annual meeting

Ballots were tabulated at the annual meeting in March, and Carl Toland was reelected to the Board, joined by new member David Burgess. Here is a list of all five current Board members:

Chuck Mendenhall, President
Carl Toland, Vice President
Rosanne Kumins, Treasurer
Michael Pagliaro, Secretary
David Burgess, Director

Topics of interest discussed at the annual meeting included a review of the current HOA rules regarding vehicle parking and community communications. Two working groups were appointed to deal with these issues in depth. Rosanne Kumins will chair the communications working group, and David Burgess will lead the parking discussion.  Both groups have met, and their reports were included in the May 2016 newsletter.

The HOA’s budget for 2016-2017 is balanced with no fee increase anticipated; landscape and facilities are a work in progress.

We are off to another busy year.

— Chuck Mendenhall