2022-23 Roof Work Schedule

The Board of Directors approved the reroofing of all the tile roofs in the community. The first phase of the project began in October 2022. We ask all owners to please be patient during this time and courteous with the contractors. Roofing can be a loud and dirty process so we appreciate everyone’s cooperation. If you have patio furniture out it is recommended to move it inside to prevent it from becoming overly dirty or damaged.

UPDATE: The roofers sent the Association this schedule update on Aug. 2, 2023, and told us that the delays from previously announced schedules were due to the city’s transition to an online-only permitting system, rainy weather earlier, and heat recently.

Building Start             Complete

2069 & 2071 Caliente                                  In Progress

2073, 2075, 2077, 2079 Caliente              7/31/23         8/11/23

2081, 2083, 2085, 2087 Caliente              8/7/23           8/18/23

2089, 2091, 2093, 2095 Caliente              8/14/23         8/25/23

2097 & 2099 Caliente                                 8/21/23          9/1/23